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The partners at Dream Factory Sports are passionate about snow sports and adrenaline activities. We want to make these activities available to everyone, no matter the location or economic ability. Partnering with ProSlope UK, who manufactures the world’s best and most advanced synthetic snow surface, was the first step in the process of bringing a suitable substitute to tropical locations or any location desiring year round snow sports. Having a synthetic surface, which replicates optimal snow conditions, will allow our visitors to feel as if they are skiing, boarding or tubing on the real thing.Dry Slopes have been popular in the UK for the past 30 years, but since the advancement in technology, they are rapidly becoming more widely sought after. Dream Factory Sports will build off of the increasing demand for snow sports to be offered everywhere by bringing premiere, well run facilities which deliver a realistic, safe and customer service driven experience. Utilizing a superior technology to the competition will keep our facilities as the only attraction for snow sports.
Dream Factory Sports will set itself and each location we develop apart from any other type of family entertainment center in the entirety of the world. While there are a variety of lesser or more expensive options to go skiing, boarding and tubing, none of them offer an unmatched synthetic snow slope surface and experience quite like we do.
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