Ternary Triangle Welcomes the Future of Skiing and Snowboarding with Dream Factory Sports

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Orlando, FL 11/19/13 – Last week Ternary Triangle’s team travelled to Orlando, FL to represent Dream Factory Sports at the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions 2013 Expo.  Our team partnered with Dream Factory Sports to generate new prospects, increase product/brand awareness, and make a footprint in the amusement and attractions industry. We are excited to help launch this industry game-changer. Dream Factory Sports distributes the world’s best and most advanced synthetic snow surface, therefore bringing an innovative snow substitute to tropical locations or any location desiring year round snow sports. Having a synthetic surface, which replicates optimal snow conditions, allows visitors to feel as if they are skiing, boarding or tubing on the real thing.

Moreover, the surface is a multi-disciplinary product that can be used for, general snow sports coaching and learning, alpine race training, freestyle or snow tubing and tobogganing. The surface combines the best of all worlds. Using tried and tested brush technology, its secret lies in its Variable Height Filaments (VHF). This allows skis or boards less surface contact (less friction and therefore reduced heat buildup, but better grip and edge control when in contact with the lower height bristles.) Mt. Sol (a park currently being constructed in South Florida) will also use a geotextile shock membrane that cushions users against any accidental falls, thereby lessening shock impacts. Also, PolyButyl Teraphthallate (PBT) mono filament which is recognized in the industry as the most durable, combined with additives, make it one of the quickest slope surfaces on the market.

We are eager to continue working with Dream Factory as they grow throughout the US and beyond.



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