Oreo One-Ups Honda on Twitter

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When Honda sent @Oreo a picture of its two vacuum nozzles, captioned, “Double suck,” a reference to Oreo’s line of double-stuff cookies, the treatmaker replied in kind. It sent back a picture of an overstuffed Oreo getting stuck in the HondaVAC nozzle.

“Hey, @Honda. Next time, try sucking up something your own size,” read the accompanying text. Honda then sent back a picture of HondaVAC with an Oreo bulging the neck of its vacuum tube, looking like an engorged serpent after a meal.


The social media one-upmanship was eyebrow-raising in an era where a miscued tweet can end up on the evening news. And while brands have engaged in off-the-cuff snarky banter at each other on Twitter before — notably AMC and Oreo last year — this campaign systematically targeted multiple brands to achieve a marketing goal. Ben Popken,  NBC News

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