How Advisors Can Use Video To Drive New Leads

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Driving New Leads With Video On Your Site

By Riley Johns

A recent study by eMarketer showed the digital video advertising industry raked in almost $5.8 billion in 2013, up 40% from the previous year. What’s causing this massive increase?

A good website will appeal to the major senses – sight (photos, text) and sound (music, dialogue) – while telling a story to capture the viewers’ attention and create an emotional connection. Unlike other forms of content, video incorporates all of these elements into a powerful statement that attracts even the most hard to reach Internet user, which includes baby boomers.  For a business, this means increasing customer retention on a global scale and therefore increasing sales.

Video trumps other forms of content because it is a culmination of image, text, and music intended to function together for a common goal. Video isn’t always the best format for every message your business projects. But, if used properly, video can both entertain and inform the audience and provide information on what sets you apart from other advisors.

So as an advisor, video helps you reach that baby boomer demographic that doesn’t like to read and enjoys storytelling.


Power of Video to Improve Search Engine Results


A 2009 SEOmoz survey found that sites with video content had an average time on site of 5 minutes 29 seconds, while sites without videos saw an average time on site of 4 minutes 46 seconds, which shows that sites with video generate further consumer interest.

Unlike printed material, video doesn’t allow the viewer to be selective. It’s easy to scan text and pick out sections to read based on their relevance to your interests. Conversely, video is a submissive experience, instead of sorting through the content themselves; viewers are presented with a message that must be consumed in a passive manner. Also, comprehension is made easier through the various storytelling elements in video.  And an instant emotional reaction from the viewer can be created, helping you drive your message and generate urgency for the need for your financial services.

In Google search results, thumbnail images are attached to indicate that the web pages features video and these pages generally experience higher click-through rates than text-only results. By including video on your website, you can instantly increase traffic and drive conversions about your services offered.

Moreover, video is a powerful resource for SEO.  Search result rankings are a combination of general perceived importance and relevance. Pages with a variety of media formats, most notably those containing video, generate more inbound links and retain visitors for longer periods of time, therefore driving up the search results.   Plus, the video markup data is a signal to the search engines that your page provides rich media compared to pages with text and images only.

Furthermore, YouTube is the second most visited search engine in the world – just behind Google.  By uploading your customized ads to YouTube, as well as your website your content will rank in YouTube search and Google search, which will drive traffic, referrals, and sales.

So as an advisor, any kind of video helps random searches by new clients and prospects, but be careful because a poorly produced video with an unclear message can actually hurt your brand.


Use Video to For Brand Awareness


Video allows you to create a more personal message than text, image, or audio. For your business, it offers a great opportunity to humanize your brand and connect with your audience. Also, it demonstrates quality and dedication to actually create a message that makes it easy and convenient for your audience to learn about your services offered. It tells the viewer that your business has the money, time, and know-how to create a high-quality video, and therefor can handle on your daily operations. The audience will perceive your business as having a commitment to the public and the quality of your services provided.

Your video doesn’t necessarily have to be flashy or action-packed. Users will link to helpful resources just as often as they will ones with compelling imagery. But it should address the basics of your business and reach out to your key demographic.  After created your video content should be distributed broadly through your online profile, video channels, blogs, and websites.

As an advisor, who might be using financial education workshops think about putting your next workshop on tape and letting people get a “virtual’ taste of a seminar at home…then make an appointment.

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