Stay Tuned For Ternary’s Tip Of The Week: This Weeks Tip- “Alternate Contact”

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Social Media can be a great tool in acquiring new customers but, is invaluable to retaining customers. It allows a business to remain in constant contact with the consumer through an alternate avenue of communication. If the business has presented a pleasant online personality it will lead to the development of a bond forged on trust and respect. Over the next five weeks my colleagues and i will be providing tips to help you establish a strong and successful online presence. 


Here is the first tip of the week:


1) ALTERNATE CONTACT: Most people today rarely make phone calls, especially on their mobile phones, which is now for texting and apps. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all sorts of other social media sites have taken over the cell phone, making people active and online at all times. 


Use this opportunity to reach out and remain in Contact with consumers, so even when they are out of the store or not shopping, they’re thinking of you. Establishing multiple contacts within a company/organization to enable a full scale social media attack is a great way to begin. These Contacts can dictate the flow of information much more effectively, sharing/retweeting each others posts and reaching a larger audience as a much faster rate. The more Contacts, the more lead generation; assuming the content is of quality. Implementing this strategy results in natural conversation of which your followers will latch onto. It also presents a sense of organization and professionalism, where multiple employees are on the same page, helping customers and generating feedback on any query the customer may have.


So what have we learned in this week’s blog post? Using ALTERNATE CONTACTS is a great way of establishing and retaining a positive relationship with customers. Maintaining the relationship by commenting, answering questions, sharing, etc. each contact’s post, as well as customer’s posts,  will lead to effective lead generation and customer satisfaction. 


Check back next week for the second installment of our helpful hints; Online Presence.  

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