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Welcome back! In this post we will be expanding on the idea of Online Presence and the strategies that can be used to amplify traffic to a company’s social media page.

Here is our second social media tip:


2) ONLINE PRESENCE: This step is extremely valuable in business; constantly updating on social media sites can amplify consumer relations tenfold. As we mentioned in our previous post, everyone is online all the time, so being equally as present is extremely valuable in today’s society.


To begin; simply answer questions, “like” “tweet/retweet”, post and even address feedback on social media sites to keep yourself in tact and Present with you consumer base. This will not only keep services/goods relevant and valuable but, it will attract those who are not familiar with your business. A monumental thought, ONLINE PRESENCE is the “Push vs. Pull” idea. “Pushing” is broadcast, radio or billboards advertising where you are force fed this information because of what you are doing, whether that be watching, listening, or driving. “Pull” is the focus of social media because people on these sites are LOOKING for information or “pulling it to themselves. To take advantage of this, Schedule daily posts about a topic every week to set a trend. This will result in users becoming more likely to follow your posts. When costumers know you will be posting something new, they will be motivated to view your page daily, especially if the content is gripping. An example of a popular trend are weekly quotes. Depending on your business, using a quote from Albert Einstein, Donald Trump, or any other monumental figure is a popular post in today’s social media world.  Using these strategies will enable easy sharing and word of mouth marketing, enhancing your business.


Lets revisit these ideas and summarize the ways to amplify your online presence. Answering questions, tweeting, posting and other activities are a good way to establish yourself on social media. “Pulling” users in by starting weekly trends with posts such as quotes and related content will drive views to your site, while also keeping those already aware of your presence on board. These strategies can make a difference is the online world we live in. 


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