Part 5 Of Our Social Media Series: Relevance

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The final strategy to discuss is how to remain relevant. If the four previous ideas were implemented properly, this should be the easiest to maintain. Once you have developed trust with your consumer, the goal of the business is then to continue to produce interesting content to keep them coming.

Continuing activity reminds your returning and potential consumers that you are there. There are a number of ways to do this, the first is to embrace Holidays throughout the year. Whether through sales or festive posts, keep your consumers coming to your page by using the time of the year to your advantage. Sharing a Christmas Carol, have consumers send in Holiday photos, hosting contests having to do with the seasonal events.  It will sustain the company’s relevance year round while also eliciting a personal tone. Another way to remain relevant is to reintroduce or reinvent your products exclusively on social media sites. Using video rich content allows the rebranding of products and generates a monumental following. It is the most popular type of content, so having ones of quality that are not easily produced will separate you from your competition They also increase your rank in google searches, which could be the most valuable aspect of them. When remaining relevant is the goal, videos are essential. A final way to remain relevant is host events on your social media pages. Hold “Q and As” on a monthly basis or an informative and entertaining seminar that consumers can attend online. This will keep people involved in your business and encourage them to tell others about these events. 
We have discussed a number of reasons to keep your social media presence relevant; using the Holidays, reinventing/reintroducing products and hosting events online. These are simple and cost effective ways to keep traffic moving to your page. These work effectively and with slight adjustments can be reused at different times throughout the year.
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