5 Ways To Ensure You Are Adding The Best People To Your Team. We Use Them And You Should Too

By Ternary Triangle 6 years ago
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1. Find People That Share Your Team’s Passion

Look for people who can match your energy and share your passion. In the early days you are going to need people who are willing to do just about anything to help your business grow.  At Ternary Triangle, everyone “earns” their way on to our team by producing revenue. Furthermore, we believe that only the person who truly believes in our process and our company will hang in there while they are in the trial stage.

2: Find People Who Aren’t Afraid To Compete

Competition isn’t about stressing everyone out and making your employees feel like their work is never good enough. It’s about creating an environment where people are motivated to perform to their maximum ability. Our goal is always to do this while retaining team camaraderie and high-spirits.

At Ternary, we celebrate team members who best help their peers improve. One of the foundations of our company is the Japanese concept of Kaizen, which means “continuous improvement”.  We believe that all team members should continually be seeking ways to improve their own performance from the CEO all the way down to the newest intern.

3: Find People Who Can Move Fast 

Speed is essential to the survival of start-ups.  Lag time costs money and with everything being instant these days prospects tend to lose interest quickly if their email or call isn’t returned within minutes.

4: Find People Who Fit Your Culture

We feel very lucky to have the team we’ve assembled with a unique  mix of talents and expertise. Our company culture is that of teamwork, open communication, constant improvement, innovative/out-of-the box thinking, and having fun and creating trusting on-going relationships along the way. We are so grateful to have such an incredible team of individuals working together that make working with them truly enjoyable.

5: Boot Out Any Negative Nancys

Find people you genuinely like working with. Work is no fun when you can’t be yourselves.  Also, trust  is key and you will find that nothing can move forward without trust and openness. Just one negative person can really poison your environment.  At Ternary, we like to have a fun and somewhat easy going environment, however, one thing we have zero tolerance on is negativity and criticizing others.  We immediately extract any toxic people from our company.  Bring on people who carry themselves with a high degree of respect, empathy, and kindness, and a general positive outlook. If someone looks for a reason why something can’t be done they will find it. At Ternary, we always look for reasons why thing CAN be done and we find them.

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