How To Promote An Event On Social Media

By Ternary Triangle 6 years ago
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Social Media can be a great and cost effective way to promote your next event or conference.  Use these 7 strategies to increase your success in marketing your next event.


  1. Create a Hashtag

Creating a hashtag for your event is an easy way to market your event by creating a social buzz and boosting audience interaction.  Tweets with hashtags receive 2X more engagement than those without hashtags.  Make your hashtag relevant, short, and catchy.  Like #ternarylobsterbash


  1. Promote Your Hashtag

#Putiteverywhere.  Don’t just use your hashtag on Twitter. Put it in your video ads, on your website, your Facebook, Instagram, talk about it on your blog, and put it on your flyers.  You will be able to see real-time trending around your event, like when someone at your shindig post a picture with your hashtag.


  1. Start ASAP

The earlier you start promoting an event with your hashtag the more buzz you can create.  When someone clicks on your hashtag, Twitter shows how many of your hashtags exist. If there are only 10 of your even specific hashtags it will appear that your event is going to be a dud and people might lose interest.  Starting early can help you reach a larger audience and build momentum for your event.


  1. Start Conversations

Reach out to people who are going to be attending the event and prospective attendees. This will not only allow their friends and followers to be exposed to the event, but it will also encourage others to promote the event.  Everyone wants to share exciting events they are going to be joining.


  1. Create Contests and Giveaways

Giveaways incentivize followers and friends to share or retweet event information.  Not only will you have some excited winners but your event info will travel at lightning speed.


  1. Create “Groups” and “Pages”

Create a Facebook page or a Linkedin Group for your event.  Post articles, pictures, guests, and general information about the event.  This will help attendees communicate and engage and encourage possible attendees to join when they are seeing friends and colleagues they know who are going.


  1. Follow Back

Incentive promoting your event by Following those who promote your event. They will notice and continue to do it. Also, get feedback afterwards to see what people liked or didn’t like about your event and what they would like to be different the next time.






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