Part 3: Brand development

By Ternary Triangle 6 years ago
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Developing your brand is a crucial step in launching a product. It is technically still a part of differentiating one’s concept, but it needs attention because of its importance. The brand of a product or service communicates the promise that your company is making to the customer. In other words, the brand of a concept communicates the emotion you want the consumer to feel.

A good brand will make you stop in your tracks. If a brand can make one immediately be drawn to another time or place, the brand has most likely accomplished its purpose. This can depend on whether the memory is of something good rather than bad, so conjuring good emotions is a good rule to incorporate.

The foundation of a concept’s brand is the logo. The logo is the image that intrigues and draws attention. It is the centerpiece of the product or service (though it may not always be in the center); it is what is remembered if all words are forgotten. The logo is supposed to make you trust it even if there is no clear reason to.

The brand messaging is the message behind the tagline of a company’s product or service. It is what a company wants to communicate about what you are selling. It is what you want to make blatantly clear. When launching a product, it is a good idea to ask yourself, “How can I make the consumer love my product immediately?”

After a brand, tagline, and brand message are determined, it is best to start integrating the brand into every aspect of your business. From uniforms and emails to employee attitude and answering phones, this integration helps streamline your company for the product’s sales launch.


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