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After productizing, differentiating and branding, the product is finally ready for the starting line. It shoudn’t start until a strategy is developed though. Whether you are preparing to launch a product or service, a sales launch strategy is always needed. Launching a product and launching a service are not relatively similar, they just rely upon different makeups. Where a product relies on raw goods such as plastics or metals, a service relies on talented employees.

It is good to have a multifaceted promotion strategy to maximize the exposure and profit of your product or service at the sales launch. Where one strategy may fail another can quickly succeed. Allow pre-orders, build suspense (both in the media and among your employees), give samples, and don’t stop there. Every step is a way the product or service can do better, even if some steps eventually do not turn out to go the way they planned.

Another way to broaden the sales launch is to start sales in different regions where your product or service would sell easily. Then branch out to a more broad customer base, based on what you learn. Word-of-mouth from friends, colleagues, and strategic partners help create a buzz around the product. The same holds true for news and media. By far, the most essential endorsement you can make when launching a product is through social media. Social media should never be underestimated; it is the least expensive and easiest way to endorse a product or service on a national scale.

It is important to keep track of your milestones and goals. Stick to your guns of the original concept and brand. Be ready to receive skepticism. You cannot win a race if you stop before the finish line, so follow through with your strategy. The concept that began this process can become so much more if you allow it to.

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