Step One: Find Your Prospects

By Ternary Triangle 5 years ago
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Finding your key prospects is an important part of developing your sales process. After-all, if you don’t know who are are selling to how are you supposed to target those people/businesses? Also, knowing your key demo will help you apply  your budget more effectively, thus giving you better results and saving you marketing dollars that would have been wasted

Ask yourself questions to determine who your prospects are. Who benefits from my product/service? Who currently uses my product/service?  Make a list of your top 10 customers and see what they have in common. Try to look beneath the surface in case the connections aren’t obvious.

Also, a great tool for determining your key demo is social media. Do ad campaigns on Twitter and Facebook. After a full month review the analytics and see who is clicking on your ads. Are they male or female? How old are they? Where do they live ? What are their other interests? Switch the ads and try for another month or two and keep reviewing the results to be sure that it wasn’t a specific ad rather than the product or service in general that was capturing the attention of that particular audience.

Now that you know who your prospects are the next step is going to be to grow brand awareness, which our next blog will cover.

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