LeCig & UTVG Joins Forces with Carisam

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Delray Beach, FL 12/12/2013– This week Ternary Triangle’s team introduced LeCig & UTVG, two electronic cigarette companies, to its client Carisam, a major international distributor, with the goal of selling the best selection of e-cigarettes on cruise ships and throughout South America.  “We were excited when Chris came to us with the idea of Carisam distributing a choice selection of e cigarettes on cruise ships,” said Rebekah Brooks, Director of Business Development at Ternary Triangle.  “Not only will this be a large revenue producing item for three of our existing clients: Carisam, LeCig, and UTVG, but it also provides a healthier and more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional cigarette smoking.”

The e cigarette market is said to be a billion dollar Industry by the end of this year, and Ternary Triangle has embedded itself in this growing Industry, screaming for consumer education and swimming with numerous legal changes, on an ever-changing playing field.  Ternary Triangle did extensive research, gathering samples and pricing out options to make sure it found the appropriate manufacturing options, providing Carisam with superior mix of quality products, that fit the costing model of on board shops.

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