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By Ternary Triangle 4 years ago
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When Google updates its search algorithm, things tend to change for your site’s SEO. Last Fall there was Panda, now there’s Penguin, and while a lot of the changes are very minuscule, some of them are major changes from the way you thought “Search” worked.

Google made the Panda and Penguin updates to help their users sift through information and separate high-quality content from spam. While Penguin has been widely praised as a way to boost searches for high-quality sites, Panda is touted to boost online videos and make them much easier to find; And Penguin hasn’t changed that. Since October 2014, a lot of videos and sites that host videos show up higher in search rankings. Whether you are involved with B2B or B2C marketing there are some ways you can tap into this major change in search.

Before, you could title your website and stuff the header with Meta keywords and search engines would find it. It’s not the same with video, now it’s about content and crosslinking. Video cannot include text so you have a few choices beyond titling, tagging with keywords, and including annotations. This is what search engines use to find video, so you can still use these tactics. Here are some other ways to improve your video SEO.


Titling: The title of your video matters for SEO. This is why you use your primary keywords in the title. It’s also smart to title your video in a way that describes what happens in it. One tool you see a lot is to start with a keyword, then a colon, followed by the clever marketing title that you were planning on using.

Tags and Descriptions: All the video hosting platforms allow you to describe and tag your videos for search. This works for the platform’s own search system as well as search engines. The description fields are sometimes limited in the number of characters, but they do allow links so you can link back to your site, blog, or YouTube channel, as well as make keyword rich descriptions. Most tag fields should allow an unlimited number of tags and characters, so you can use whatever keywords you think are best to describe your content.

Annotations: YouTube includes an annotation feature that allows you to embed links into your videos. Typically, they hover over your video as it plays for however long you determine. The annotations can be links, notes, information about the video, source data, and anything else you deem useful. The viewer can follow the link to a new page and you can track how much activity the annotation has produced through YouTube’s analytics tools.

Sharing: Video is an efficient way to spread word about your business. Studies show we learn and engage more when we can watch, read, and hear something. Social networks are also a great way to help a video be seen. As long as you use ways to make sure your videos appeal to an audience, because there is a direct correlation between an engaging personality and customer loyalty. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ are all great platforms to help people gain awareness of your business, once you realize why people share online videos, you can build your online rich content around social sharing.

Repurposing: The point of video is to generate interest in your product, company, or topic amongst people who wouldn’t normally take the time to read something you created as text. It is likely that you already have a lot of material that could be repurposed for video, so it’s a great idea to turn this material into rich content so it will appeal to a bigger audience. Material you’ve already written discusses your products the way they intended to be portrayed, so using it to make a video is an excellent way to attract a larger audience.

Social media users love video, and whether your business is B2C or B2B, you should be using it to grow and reach your audience. Video is productive, increases retention, favored by Google and other search engines, and also makes it easy to manage keyword strategy. Now that social sharing is a major factor in increasing SEO rankings, it is a very good idea to repurpose content into video, describe and title it well, and use it to drive sharing on social networks.

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