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By Ternary Triangle 2 years ago
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You have a social media account for your business, you post frequently, have a lot of followers, and your posts always seem to get a lot of likes but barely any comments…why? When you post a status, you should ALWAYS engage with your followers. Whether it’s using games, developing relationships, or inviting conversation, there are many ways that you can increase your social media feedback.


Using Games: People like to respond to questions, and they also like to be right. When you use trivia, it brings in more follows, likes, and traffic. It’s a great way to build participation, accrue followers, and it can also be fun!


Develop Relationships: Social media is a place where people can have conversations with your brand, rather than just be marketed to. If you want to be successful, it can’t always be about “The Sell”. These types of posts are bonding opportunities through a show of friendliness, humor and imagery. For example, share a funny quote, interesting fact, or cool graphic that will make someone want to respond to it, rather than simply throwing your product at them.


Inviting Conversation: Posts that invite conversation have a clear and friendly purpose: “Talk to us.” This is one of the most effective ways to open up your social media platforms for two-way communication, which is a great way to enhance your social media relationships. Create posts that ask your audience for their ideas, opinions, or advice. People LOVE giving their opinions.


Giveaways: Giveaways are a great way to boost feedback on any social media platform because people always like receiving a prize of recognition. For example, you could ask your followers to fill out an entry form, like your page, or comment with their favorite story about your brand to win a free product or subscription. Giving away free products is a fantastic way to get people on your side.


Research: Social media marketing is not about selling and posting random content. Brands need to engage with and learn everything there is to know about their targeted demographic. As a result, they’ll build relationships, brand reputation, and a community following over time.

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