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Internships hold a certain purpose for graduating college students, and can open doors to numerous opportunities for aspiring businessmen and women. Nick Messina, a partner at Ternary Triangle, LLC started as an intern nearly two years ago. He came to Ternary after a grueling experience with another company, and has built himself up over the years. He now manages social media for various accounts and trains new interns looking for the same options.


You may have heard some horror stories about the daily tasks interns are required to complete, but as awful as these tasks may seem, they can show you what you love and hate about a business and the type of people working there. Nick Messina, for instance, left one company’s intern program because he felt as though he was not learning. Fortunately, he networked with enough people at the company and was able to move to Ternary, where he grew to become a huge asset and is greatly appreciated for his work.


Many colleges now require their students to complete a summer internship in order to earn a degree, and most interns do not start off getting paid. The road to a paid internship can be a long one; however, keeping an open mind and looking at the internship as a chance to build and grow in a professional field is key.


There are only three rules to follow when you are trying to find a perfect internship:

  1. Know what you are looking for: You want to seek out internships, which incorporate your capabilities and talents.
  1. Do not turn away opportunities: Learn about all of your choices before pursuing a specific internship, and keep an open mind to the possibilities and growth-potential with various companies.
  1. Research: Ask your peers or someone who has been through the type of internship you are pursuing about their experience or any guidance they can provide. Knowledge is key to finding the right internship so utilize your network of contact’s experience.


Interning can be an intimidating time in any student’s college career, but with these three tools, you can start you search for one that will fit your personality and potential best. Now, get out and find yourself a great internship!


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