The Future of Mobile Beacons: Part One

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Our team at Ternary Triangle has begun to research new technology bringing convenience to consumers all over the nation. In our search, we found a device geared toward the retailer-consumer relationship. The Future of Mobile Beacons: Part One will define how mobile beacons are changing the way consumers shop.

Mobile beacons have been used over the past few years as a way to enhance a consumer’s shopping experience by tracking shopping habits in addition to relaying deals and offers via smartphone applications. Forbes explains the benefits of mobile beacons: “Consumers get highly targeted promotions and ads for the things they want, and retailers can collect valuable data on their customers’ buying habits, which can be used for future promotions, pricing strategies and marketing platforms.” Ultimately, mobile beacons will bring about major changes in the way consumers and retailers communicate. Consumers simply download their favorite retailer’s smartphone application, enable Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), allow push notifications from the application, and use the application while he or she is shopping. As a result, the consumer will be rewarded with personalized advertisements and coupons only available to those who have downloaded the application.



Many Specialty Retailers are taking full advantage of the possibilities beacons bring to consumers and retailers.  Macy’s was one of the first stores to test mobile beacons during the 2014 holiday season in 800 locations nationwide, and according to Forbes’ website, Macy’s “brand value climbed 343% between 2013 and 2014” because consumer’s downloaded and allowed access to the store’s mobile beacon, ShopKick. This number is expected to grow drastically by 2016. Macy’s is only one of the few retailers applying mobile beacons; other retailers include: Target, Urban Outfitters, Kohl’s, Sephora USA, and Walgreens. Mobile Beacons do not stop at retailers, this year Mobile Beacons will be activated for other benefitting virtually everyone with a mobile device. The photo below, provided by IBeacon demonstrates how mobile beacons will pick up signals between devices.



The website, iBeacon, also lists seven destinations where Mobile Beacons will add convenience to your life.

  1. For concert go-ers, your smartphone will make a music playlist with various artists based on whom you saw perform at each venue.

  2. While ordering lunch, your phone will be able to list food options based on your daily-expended calories and previous purchases.

  3. Your physician will know how healthy you are by simply walking into the examination room.

  4. At a conference for work, your phone will make note of the seminars you attended and organize enough information for you to effortlessly arrange a report shortly thereafter.

  5. Based on your seats at a baseball game, you will be able to see you chances of catching a stray ball, and enhancing your stadium experience.

  6. While waiting on a train, your phone will tell you the train’s schedule (whether it is on time or delayed) and which seats are available on the train so you can plan your entrance onto the train accordingly.

  7. At the airport, your phone will make flying a painless experience by tracking flight details in addition to sending signals to the airline and helping you through security if you are running late. According to IBeacon Insider, “Miami International Airport has become the first airport to fully utilize the power of beacons,” as of October 2014.

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