My Internship @ Ternary Triangle- Connor Kwasnewski Summer ’15

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My time with the team at Ternary Triangle was incredibly varied, from researching and writing editorial for online syndication, to walking the team dog, and performing the “low man on the totem pole” jobs like re-staining all the outdoor deck furniture. In my summer here I learned quite a bit, but here are a few key things I am walking away with from my experience at The Triangle.



Press releases are very helpful. Press releases are a great, cost affective way to get your company exposure, they can also immensely improve your SEO and send traffic to your website. Content is the key, so you have to write a title and an article you think people would be interested in. Ternary triangle recently distributed a press release for Lust Vodka that got traction at media outlets like Huffington Post and Fox News, because it was an interesting topic, and it also increased Lust’s social media activity by up to 1000%, compared to a normal day of activity. They also gained over 500 followers every few days…all because of a press release.


Work hard no matter what you’re doing. No matter what you are doing, always work hard at it. Even if it is something small, still work hard. It will help build good work ethic and improve the activity you are doing. People will recognize the effort you put in, and you will be cast in a good light.


The importance of social media. As a teenager, I am always on social media whether it is occupying myself during a boring day or interacting with friends, I have become very familiar with social media. However, I never realized how important Twitter and Facebook could be in the business world. With more consumers online than ever before, social media is very important in business. Whether its sharing the release of a new product, or an article on a blog, businesses are constantly using multiple social media platforms to get the message out.


Learn to navigate Microsoft Excel.  I learned the importance of excel spreadsheets. Whether it is administrative work, media lists with hundreds of contacts or media trackers, Excel makes calculations of complex math problems easy, and it is used in just about every field of work, so it is extremely important to be familiar with the program.


Prepare for anything: In any business related interaction, whether with a co-worker, client, or customer it is important to know everything you want to say, and think of what the other person might say in response. Collect your thoughts beforehand. Write notes if you have to. This way, you present yourself as a more confident person. Preparation will also enhance your charisma and public speaking abilities- two things that are very important in both the real world and business.


Don’t wait for the work to come to you. If you finish a project, ask for another. The only way to prove to your co-workers that you are cut out for the world of business is to seek work and challenge yourself regularly.





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