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By Ternary Triangle 2 years ago
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Pre-roll advertisements or “in-stream” advertisements are shown on a website before a music video, video tutorial, or any short video. Most pre-roll ads have a “skip” option after the commercial has played for five seconds, making this five-second period crucial for your brand. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, the average person has an attention span of eight seconds, another reason why the first five seconds of your advertisement is imperative to intrigue your viewer. At first, Pre-roll ads may come off as a nuisance to the user; however, the main point of in-stream advertisements is to reel in potential customers.




According to Convince and Convert, LLC three main statistics point to the positive impact and growth of pre-roll advertising, which is why our team at Ternary believes it is here to stay:

  1. Video advertisements showed the most potential for product outreach as of 2012.

  1. Viewers retain 85 percent more information shown in videos than in print advertisements.

  1. Consumers are 52 percent more likely to purchase a product online if they have previously seen it in a video advertisement.


A company trying to push their product through pre-roll advertisements via YouTube or another popular domain will want to adhere to five simple tips in order to reach their target audience and yield more sales:

  1. Make sure the advertisement is not too long. As mentioned earlier in the article, the average attention span of consumers is only eight seconds long. Once the eight-second window passes, you either have the viewer engaged, or they are eagerly awaiting the “skip” banner at the edge of the screen.

  1. Emphasize how your product will enhance the viewer’s life. For the most part, humans are selfish creatures. The viewers immediately want to see how your product will make their daily life better.

  1. Stray from the typical commercial format so your viewers do not feel bombarded by another monotonous advertisement. No matter how interesting your product content may be, if the viewer has seen the same cheesy layout a million times over, they will frantically anticipate the five-second mark.

  1. Be unique in your presentation to reiterate your product’s value.

  1. Choose the right audience who will appreciate your advertisement. A health insurance advertisement will resonate more with an expecting father than with a pre-pubescent teenager.



Pre-roll advertisements serve many purposes for our clients, but ultimately are used to improve the brand’s awareness and direct customers to your client’s websites in order to produce sales.

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