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February 10, 2015
Every Holiday Season there are thousands of Santa-Cons taking place throughout the US.  So the team at Lust Vodka decided, the hump day before this Valentine’s Day Weekend, Wednesday the 11th, we are hosting the very first LUST-O-CON, Valentine’s Day Love walk and singles soirée, where we

Step 2 : Grow Brand Awareness

January 12, 2015
Social Media can be a great and cost effective way to grow brand awareness. Don’t forget that brand awareness will not necessarily lead to immediate/direct sales, but instead the goal is to grow general recognition of the brand/product.  To properly grow brand awareness you will have to

Step One: Find Your Prospects

December 10, 2014
Finding your key prospects is an important part of developing your sales process. After-all, if you don’t know who are are selling to how are you supposed to target those people/businesses? Also, knowing your key demo will help you apply  your budget more effectively, thus giving you better

Manage Your Sales Process

November 25, 2014
Managing your sales process is essential to having a successful business over the next blog entries we will out line each of the following steps to help you manage your sales and increase your bottom line. 1. Find Your Prospects 2. Grow Brand Awareness 3. Build and Manage Sales Through Targeted

We Out-Grew Our Office Again!

September 24, 2014
Come see our new office at 137 N. Swinton Ave in Downtown Delray Beach! We are excited to be growing fast. Thank you to all our amazing clients for making this possible. We will continue to serve you above and beyond what any other company will because it is our vision to continue to grow and help

Part 4 : Sales launch strategy – Jerry Mitriani

September 11, 2014
After productizing, differentiating and branding, the product is finally ready for the starting line. It shoudn’t start until a strategy is developed though. Whether you are preparing to launch a product or service, a sales launch strategy is always needed. Launching a product and launching a