A well-recognized logo is an investment in your own credibility.  The brand you create can help you gain traction, create trust, and capture a much greater share of your market.  From print or online solutions, to market visibility campaigns, and marketing on demand, Ternary Triangle can help you build your brand. Let’s take a brief look at the first step, the development of a new logo.

The Process

Our team was brought in to develop a logo for a new fuel saving device called the Vitalizer. The logo needed to jump off the crowded shelves at your standard aftermarket automotive retailer, appeal to the predominant male target market, and also convey trust in a new technology. You can see below, our team walks our clients through the logo development process step by step, offering multiple color and icon options in each stage of design, until all logos and taglines are finalized.

The Elements

Our team started with a brainstorm of ideas, both textual and also iconic in nature, taking into account different lines, shapes, and the general distribution of positive and negative space.  One general theme resulted, the “swirling” affect the device had on any liquid, making its fuel savings results skyrocket…must make it into the logo.  So the designers combined numerous letters and fonts, and found an interesting combination when utilizing the capital letter “Z” as our “swirling” iconic element.

The Color Palette

Once our designers and client distilled our choices down to the best design and logo layout, color selection was finalized. The colors needed to drastically affect how our target audience felt about the brand; the field of fuel saving technologies has a reputation of being filled with many defective products and empty promises. The device also reduces emissions drastically, so throughout the process, the team instilled a secondary, environmentally friendly, sustainable theme.

The Application

After selecting a final logo with our client, the team wanted to demonstrate the design’s flexibility, and ability to jump off a crowded shelf when applied to the retail box design.  In one of the design options seen below, the text in the logo was turned in perspective to accommodate vertical retail shelving for the smallest footprint, in other designs it was used horizontally like above.  Application is the last crucial step in logo development, demonstrating the designs ability to “hold up” across multiple mediums and uses, without requiring redesign.