A Company’s website and web presence has only become more important over the last few decades. Gone are the days of a phone call intro, and a “mail me your media kit” follow up sniff-test to a business or brand. Now a days, people are searching out Companies, Products, and Services online first…checking out website blogs for “recency”, while looking for 3rd party testimonials and unsolicited info, before ever considering doing business. Bottom line, in today’s mobile world, there is nothing more important and “front-facing” to a Brand or Company, than their website.


AMEX Pharmacy, one of only 60 FDA Approved Sterile Pharmacies in America, contracted Ternary for a new logo and color palette, as well as an updated website. AMEX was looking to accelerate its existing direct business with Dr.’s in all 50 States with a new Physicians Script Portal, while presenting a new consumer friendly brand to its growing non-sterile compound pharmacy business. The Ternary Team launched the new site after a month of development, and added “text now” and “call now” buttons to help accentuate communication with both markets.

VISIT: amexpharmacy.com


LUST Vodka, launched in Florida, and Ternary developed this homegrown Florida brand, while learning on the frontline establishing all On-Premise and Off-Premise Sales for the re-branded vodka. Ternary used one of its best still photographers, in Las Vegas, to give the brand a unique look and feel in a highly competitive, sexy space. Combine the new, local, Florida brand with a brilliant Nationally distributed Press Release that medically proved Lust Vodka was the next scientifically proven aphrodisiac…and Sales took off. Ternary’s rebrand / PR move gave the young brand nationally notoriety, and an immediate 6-pages of news for its Google search!

VISIT: lust-vodka.com


TechnoGroup is comprised of three sister companies, which includes TechnoSystems (USA), TechnoSolutions (France), and TechnoSystems (Singapore). The Group contracted Ternary to rebrand the company under one logo and one website / web presence…helping unify each of the Companies unique International presence. Individually, each company is a full service engineering and system integration firm addressing the technical needs of the Audiovisual, Broadcast, and Entertainment Industries. Through the combination of the three firms, TechnoGroup is now an international force, able to provide specs, procurement, installation, training, and post installation service for all A/V and lighting.

VISIT: technogroup.net


JOI Scientific, is an extremely unique group of Entrepreneurs, Scientists, Astronauts, Doctors, Philanthropists…All game changers trying to evolve how our world creates, stores, and transports energy. JOI has discovered a new Hydrogen energy source, H2, and contracted Ternary to re-launch its website, and produce multiple videos. The videos, featuring the Company Founders, were used for Press and Web Distribution, as the Company started to go public with its findings and future projections. Keep your eye on this Company, head quartered up at Kennedy Space Center on Florida’s Treasure Coast, as they move closer and closer to changing our planet’s energy crisis.

VISIT: joiscientific.com