Ternary Triangle’s Event Staff has over 20 years experience working with Artists and Acts touring the globe, as well as Casinos, Cruise Lines, Clubs, and Public Venues, connecting our wide array of talent and vendors to unique Events, Clubs, and Locations.  Our team specializes at looking at Each Venue or Club’s revenue, and identifying ways to strategically increase that revenue through enhanced entertainment experiences, supported by Ternary’s Social Media, Brand Integration, and Publicity Teams.  Generating 360 degrees of promotional support for our Partners, ultimately results in a happier end consumer, member, fan, or concert-goer.

Supplying turnkey Event Calendars to our Partners allows us to tap into our talent and acts around the country, providing savings as well as access to unique entertainment experiences.  Our Planners also specialize in enhancing existing Events for our Partners. Ternary’s Social Media and Publicity teams have been enlisted to prime regional markets for artists touring around the globe, and have helped promote specific golf and tennis tournaments, dinner dances, holiday family events, weekly kids activities, and themed parties for our Club and Resort Partners.

Our team has inserted a few examples of work we have done over the years with the biggest Blues Guitarist presently touring, Joe Bonamassa.  The team’s relationship started years back when we produced and distributed a National PSA for Joe and The National Blues Foundation.  Our team wrote and produced the :30 PSA’s, and then placed the ads into Public Service Rotation, on the local ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX affiliates in each market 2 months before Joe’s tour stopped in each DMA.  This Primed each market for Joe’s arrival and The Blues Foundation’s educational efforts, while also introducing Joe to the masses.  This added momentum, was followed in each market with standard event promotion on radio, news programs, and regional print.

Next up, Ternary, helped introduce Joe to a larger national female audience.  We accomplished this by scheduling appearances and custom promotions in Women’s Shows airing on National Cable Networks, reaching over 90 million homes on each airing.  The editorial features aired on two unique Women’s Networks: WeTV and Lifetime Television.  An interview excerpt and gift giving interstitial from both National Series, are embedded below:



Our most recent effort with Team Joe focused on helping create, launch, and brand a National Charity of his own, called RiffNotes.  The 5013C Charity Organization was created to help replace the numerous public school music programs, being canceled across the country for different budgetary reasons.  The Charity creates virtual music classes and curriculums, using artists like Joe and others to teach kids about the blues, soul, rock, country and other genres of music.  Check out an excerpt of the first Scholastic Curriculum that was placed in Schools last year…it focuses on “The History of the Blues”.



Give us the opportunity by simply reviewing our talent selections with one of our Planners, or trying out one of our entertainers.  Simply tell us what you are searching for, and whether your location calls for a national touring act, or a monthly daytime activity calendar.  Let us know your needs, and we can provide it all, at a competitive price.