When used correctly, print and electronic advertising are highly effective at reaching your target audience to build brand awareness.  From storyboarding, through all aspects of production, to guidance on placing your ad, we can help you successfully get your message out to the right target audience.  Print, Radio, TV, Billboards, to Online campaigns, Ternary Triangle can execute a turnkey campaign, no matter the medium. &
Back To School… In Orlando

Throughout its five Seasons on air, the National TV Series “tbi…the best information” turned to The Triangle to develop its national print campaign promoting the Seasonal TV Programs airing throughout the year on WeTV, Women’s Entertainment Television.

Hamilton Watches & Every Holiday

The ads were developed around key brand integration partners in The Series, featuring their products and special offers or promotions.  Working with so many different brands, all with a predominant visual presence in each ad, presented the team with a great challenge; producing a campaign with a consistent brand and emotional feel, with images contributed from hundreds of brands and agencies around the country.

Naturino & Back To School

The full page, 4-color ads were then placed in different Special Interest Periodicals relating to the different content and stories that aired topically throughout the year.  The print ads also served as a nice platform for success metrics, allowing our team to distribute QR codes in the ads to millions of readers, collecting data and tracking opens and activations for the TV Series and each featured brand.