When it comes to promoting our clients, and helping them differentiate from their competition, nothing has the power of a well-executed Broadcast TV Ad Campaign.  It immediately places our clients right next to the largest and most successful companies and brands, while communicating with the power of video, proven to be the most affective tool when emotionally messaging to individuals.


Almost all of ternary’s National Broadcast Campaigns are multi ad campaigns, taking a specific theme or storyline and producing multiple :30 and/or :15 second TV Ads.  Sometimes the theme and creative is scripted linearly throughout all the ads, telling the whole story by watching them sequentially, and sometimes a recurring theme is written into each ad, with slightly different storylines, characters, or backdrops.

WCI Communities enlisted Ternary Triangle to produce a Broadcast TV Campaign for its Parkland Golf and Country Club development, the challenge…at the time, the development was in pre-construction sales, and their wouldn’t be anything to film in the neighborhood for months.  The solution…promote the lifestyle the Builder is selling at all WCI Communities, by promoting different “iconic aspirational characters” representing the lifestyle one is lucky enough to achieve in a WCI Community.  Meet the Super Parent, The Connoisseur, The Competitor, The Entertainer, and of course…the Movie Star.


George Colony and The Colony Group worked with the team at Ternary on a Broadcast TV Campaign that made his team, and his supporters at Caldwell Banker, look bigger and more nationally based, than all other Real Estate Developers who might be large enough to promote themselves on TV.  The creative team did this by reproducing some original music for the campaign, based on two very popular tracks of music.  Watch the two ads for Colony Group and George’s Strategic Partners, and see if you can recognize the original scores our team emotionally matched.



Our team at ternary triangle specializes in producing regional TV ad campaigns.  Often times limited by budget size, our regional campaigns lean back on good creative storylines and out of the box scripting.  Our regional advertising clients get to work with the same creative team of scriptwriters and producers as our National clients, resulting in high production values for the dollar.


Often times on a regional budget, Ternary Triangle will opt to keep an ad’s creative in post-production, versus going out in the filed and filming locations and product/service interaction.  Maybe you don’t have the most camera friendly place of business, or the services you provide don’t translate well to video? No worries, our team comes up with a good creative format, showcasing the message cost affectively.



By spending one full day in the field shooting, and one full day in post-production and graphic support, our team at Ternary can put together a professional Broadcast Ad, or Multiple Ad Campaign, that leaves an impression.  And, if your company is targeting the Spanish Market, or another International Market world-wide, Ternary Triangle delivers multi-lingual campaigns using extremely cost affective budgets.



Ternary Triangle worked with Habelman Cranberries on a national integration in a TV Series on WeTV, Women’s Entertainment Television.  Producing a story about whole fresh cranberries, and the positive health benefits of this super fruit, that most people are unaware of.  The Show’s Host threw from the Set of the Show to Ray Habelman himself, who gives us a 4:00 minute tour of his Family’s 100 year old cranberry bog, responsible for producing 1/3 of the Planet’s whole fresh cranberry crop.


Ternary’s producers and crew spent a week in Toma, WI to capture all the footage necessary for the integration, so while on location, we also produced 6 recipes with Mrs. Habelman, for use in social media and online.



Lastly, Ray asked that the team help with a new strategic partnership, and rebrand all the content, bog tour, and recipes for his new partner Naturipe…Now that’s a successful farmer, getting everything he can, out of a good piece of integrated content.