The team was enlisted to produce an in-store TV Campaign for the Ugly Stick, an indestructible fishing rod, to run on the Sports Authority In Store TV Network nationwide. When producing in-store media, Ternary always takes into account employee fatigue, producing campaigns made up of multiple themes and multiple ads, knowing employees must listen to them multiple times each day at work. When placing any type of POS inside of retail, TT recommends similar approaches, respecting the store employees, environment, and shopping experience. The campaign caused 115% sales lift for the Ugly Stick, test vs. control stores.

The Ugly Stick campaign had two themes, the first being “Wheel of Fish” a Game Show Parody, playing off the fact that 75% of consumers, who fish for sport, eat their “catch of the day”. So the team came up with a humorous campaign made up of short :20 second ads, showing what fish were good to eat, and how to cook them.

The second theme, “Screaming Fish” played off of the irreverent “Ugly Stick” name, with a humorous in-store ad highlighting the “indestructible” nature of the fishing rod, a claim that was a first in the Industry…in fact the rod was so tuff and ugly…if you saw it…you might scream too.


Every business owner who has a lobby with clients, patients, or consumers in some type of waiting room, has contemplated putting TV content into these scenarios. The question then arises, how do you do this cost affectively, and make certain you are running the proper content for your environment. It’s not as simple as hooking up standard cable and sitting back, especially if your competitors promote on local cable…and now in your lobby too.

Subscribe to a Pre-Built, Pre-Programmed, Customized Lobby TV Network, and you can be certain of many things: Fresh Programming to start each day, letting your waiting room know the content is relevant. Recurring stories and content about your team and your products and services. No competitive content or advertisers; only well-produced, relevant content to your Industry.

Are you a Financial Planner with a small waiting room in your office? Then drop us a quick email at info@ternarytriangle.com, and ask about our newly launched NetWorth NetWork, customized for each of our Financial Planners around the Country.

NetWorth NetWork


Ternary’s team is made up of numerous individuals with over 10 years experience building, programming, and managing Private TV Networks for numerous National Retailers over the last decade.

Our team worked with CVS on a Private Network for their pharmacies in the back of each of its 4000 plus retail locations. The Network was installed to entertain and educate customers as they stood in line waiting for their prescriptions. The secondary affect: taking the customers eyes off the back of the heads of their pharmacists, as they executed their busy day’s work. The below video is a two minute promo, explaining the In Store Network’s promotional opportunities to endemic advertisers who have product on-shelf at CVS.